Fill up on activities near Quiberon

Tennis, table tennis, pétanque court facing the Ria d’Etel, children’s playground, etc. Fill up on activities at the campsite near Quiberon. Discover the activities near Quiberon offered by Camping de Saint-Cado.

Activities for the whole family

Camping de Saint-Cado offers many activities near Quiberon. Rated 2 stars, the campsite gives you the opportunity to do plenty of activities near Lorient and the surrounding area, and offers you a playground near Auray. Among other activities near Erdeven, you have the choice between tennis, table tennis or bowling, facing the Ria d’Etel. Access to these activities is free. If you are not equipped, you can borrow tennis rackets, table tennis rackets and balls from reception. At Camping de Saint-Cado, children are not likely to be bored. The establishment provides them with a playground with swings and slides. While watching their kids have fun, parents can enjoy the magnificent view of the Ria d’Etel. At the foot of the campsite, a few steps give you access to a charming little beach. The place is ideal to admire a magnificent sunset in the evening. During the day, you can swim at high tide, collect shells or worms to go fishing at low tide.
In the region of Quiberon, sports activities are also in the spotlight. The Ria d’Etel is known to be full of fish, to the delight of fishing enthusiasts. You should know that the sea rises and falls twice a day: high tide, followed by low tide about 6 hours later and so on. The classified site of the island of Saint-Cado is located on the port just 300 m from the campsite. You can also admire the 11th century chapel (in part), a monumental Calvary and a fountain. Opposite the campsite is the islet of Nichtarguer, photographed by Plisson and by all visitors passing through Saint-Cado. Don’t hesitate to take a picture. Many activities are possible nearby: shore fishing, angling, kayaking on the Ria d’Etel, water activities with the Etel nautical circle, scuba diving, hiking, boat trips, paddle etc.
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